Do you appraise projects and estimate the time of their execution?

Yes, we do appraise projects. Our experienced estimator determines a detailed price and the time of the project’s completion.*

Do you VAT subjects or is the tax incorporated in the price?
Yes, we are. Our Clients should add 20% VAT to our appraisal.

Do you service or manage finished projects?
Yes, if the Client wishes it, we can service the projects we have conducted and we take care of their management.**

 Is there a warranty on the jobs you do?
Yes, there is a warranty on our jobs and we provide certificates that are important when, e.g. selling real estate for windows, electricity, gas, and others.

How many people do you employ?
We employ several to over a dozen people depending on the needs and size of the project, as well as the estimated time of completion.

Is your company insured?
Yes, our company possesses all the appropriate insurance for conducting specific jobs. We can send you the copies by mail to any address you provide, or via email.

In what form can I make a payment for a project?
Payment is decided with the Client after they accept the appraisal and determine the project’s beginning date.

Can changes be made to the project after it has already begun?
Of course, but we advise that you consult us earlier so that we can calculate the additional costs of the change.

Do you take care of ordering and delivering the material for the project?
Yes, that’s a free service as part of the specific project.

*some of the estimates aren’t free.

**this is a paid service

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