M & M Ltd Crew Pools

M & M Crew Ltd deals with various types of refurbishment, but our main field of expertise are indoor swimming pools. Our managers have years of experience in that regard, and we always employ the most competent contractors to get the job done.  If you need a private indoor swimming pool you came to the right place

Understanding customer needs

Each of our pool refurbishing projects begins with a discussion. We talk to our Clients at length to decide what solution will work best for them. We inform them of all the challenges that may arise as the project goes along, so that we may establish what steps must be taken in order to overcome them. We plan all our projects carefully so that we can ensure their successful completion.

Caring of each detail

We use plan every stage of the project with great attention to detail. We make sure our subcontractors are professionals with years of experience. This is especially crucial in the beginning stages, where we establish architectural details. This is the stage at which we decide on the entire building structure, including the facade, roof, services, pool systems, lighting, and finishes. Our main aim is to construct a project in such a way that all of those elements exist in harmony, forming a space that is not only functional, but also elegant and consistent. We always ensure that all of the elements of the structure are coordinated well before construction takes place. You can be sure you are getting good value for your money, as we will inform you about all of our plans from the very beginning, giving you full awareness of the process from before it even begins.

Pools.. and many more!

We also take care of the changing rooms and gyms that are adjacent to the pool. We develop lighting systems, ventilation, electrical, plumbing and control systems, all in line with the standards in the pool area. Our experts will also help you establish the required thermal requirements for your swimming pool, as well as all amenities necessary to keep the indoor pool clean and safe, including drainage, water treatment, and ventilation.

Trustworthy company

We take great pride in the fact that our Clients can trust us so much. Owing to the fact that we guide them along the planning process and our projects are always thoroughly planned through before the building process begins, we can avoid many, if not all, architectural mistakes that would be a detriment to the proper functioning of an indoor pool. Not only are our managers experienced in this particular area, but our trusted subcontractors are always selected in a way that will ensure maximum Client satisfaction. If you’re looking for a dedicated team to create your dream indoor swimming pool space, look no further. M & M Crew Ltd possesses years of experience and an inclusive attitude towards our Clients, making sure they feel like a part of the project from the very beginning. We work together with you to make sure the project is as perfect as can be before construction begins.