London N1

Project description

This project was a great undertaking, but one that ultimately paid off handsomely. The first and most demanding task was moving the kitchen to the ground floor. This was done in order to provide the room with a door that would lead right into the beautiful garden. For this reason, everything in the kitchen had to be installed from the ground up. We added completely new plumbing, as there was nothing connecting the water on the ground floor before. Additionally, we added a brand new electrical installation, providing the kitchen with the light it needs. We have met with a problem, however – if we were to make the kitchen completely functional, we would severely decrease the space available. To combat that, we utilised the chimney, in which we installed a gas stove, leaving more room for counters and floor for manoeuvring. We also carried out a number of general refurbishments – we repainted the entire house, along with installing a new bathroom with a shower cabin. Overall, the client was very satisfied with the end effect, and we can’t say we’re not proud of this achievement.


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