Pool and gym

Project description

This ambitious project took a lot of effort to complete and was designed to fully incorporate all of the Client’s ideas. The entire undertaking involved bringing to life every element of their vision. The blueprints were then prepared by our structure engineer – these were required in order for us to be able to make an application, so that we could receive the permission to build the pool. Due to the fact that this is a conservation area, it took about six months for us to finally get the required permission.

The project began with the excavation process, with drainage and land drains taking place at the same time. We had to dig a 3.5m x 25m x 15m hole using two diggers that were placed in the rear garden of the house using cranes. We used 90 meter-long conveyors to transport the unearthed ground from the garden to the front of the building. The 1200 tonnes of excavated clay was sent to be recycled. This was by far the most hardest part of the building process, as the weather was dreadful, slowing down the process.

Afterwards we started doing the work on the basement: installation of foundations (insulation, waterproofing) side walls, swimming pool walls, and the floor. The next element to be constructed was the superstructure, the ground floor flooring, roof construction, windows. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services (including lighting) began next and interior finishes commenced after that.

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