Poolside bathroom

Project description

This poolside bathroom was designed and created from the ground up. It was designed to not only look stylishly striking, but also provide the most comfortable bathroom experience. The one brick wall placed opposite a nice blue mosaic with an epoxy grout makes for quite a nice contrast that really helps bring out the room’s character. This effect is further achieved through the use of an LED strip mounted just under the ceiling which can be easily controlled either manually or by using your smartphone, as well as mirror to make the room feel bigger. Of course, this smooth, stylish air could not be achieved if we did not select the utilities in a way that would complement the walls, so we decided for a suspended toilet and washbasin. The installation is concealed within the wall. We also added a wet room. The mirrors and floor are heated, so that you may always feel nice and cosy in your bathroom getaway, even on cold winter nights.

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