Wooden/Bricks Bathroom

Project description

We started our work on this bathroom by removing all the old plaster work to make room for our new design. We decided to renovate the bricks and joints for a nice, rustic feel, and the ceiling was also stripped down to reveal the beautiful wooden beams to help reinforce effects. We then isolated the roof to improve the temperature in the room overall along with the heated floor, and then added spotlights as the main source of light. Additional dimer-operable lights were placed over the sinks.  The bath was enclosed with wooden panels, while the cabinets under the sinks were restored to match the color of the panels and the wooden blinds that we also attached. The sinks were fashioned from natural stone to further reinforce the rustic feel we were going for, and the large mirror above was placed in a wooden frame of our Client’s choosing, with a color matching the other wooden elements. 

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