General refurbishment

General refurbishment

A general refurbishment of your house is something you should consider periodically in order to ensure that your home functions properly on top of staying in style. At M & M Crew Ltd we do more than just pools – we can take care of all your refurbishment needs.

Benefits of general refurbishment


Whether you require a kitchen makeover, or a new bathroom, we can provide everything you need. We can help you select the proper materials for your counter tops, sinks, etc., so that they offer you the functionality you require while maintaining an affordable price. We make sure your kitchen islands and worktops are all constructed exactly according to your vision, while also providing advice in cases where you have any doubts. The same goes for bathrooms – we will help you select the right tiles, baths and other amenities to ensure your home getaway is as roomy as you want it to be.


Aside from taking care of the aesthetic part, we also make sure everything works well behind the scenes. At M & M Crew Ltd we also attach all the plumbing to ensure that your bathroom and kitchen are functional in all the areas they should be, as well as taking care of your electrical installation. We pay great attention to detail, so you can be certain we will not allow any slip-ups to happen and your installations will be completely secure and sealed.

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